When working is as fun as free time, you will never have to work again

An extraordinary location, flexibility and excellent services. In an environment where your own office is combined with a variety of shared facilities which you share with like-minded companies with similar needs. After years of research, MELT brings all of this together in a new shared workspace concept, focused on high-tech, sustainable and creative companies. MELT is due to open its first location at the beginning of 2021 in the TQ building at Strijp-T, the high-tech environment of Eindhoven.
Everything is about you

Everything is about you

At MELT everything evolves around freedom: to schedule your day according to your own needs. This enables you to work where, whenever and how you prefer. The ideal office environment is ever-changing and different for everyone. This is why MELT is flexible and versatile. Choose whether you would like a fixed or a flexible workstation, inside or outside in the office garden, where and when you would like to work, how and where you will have lunch, whether you will arrive by bike, car, bus or train, etc. You can adjust your membership as you grow, downsize or if you prefer to increasingly work from home. Furthermore, you are able to flexibly expand your office.

Activity based working

Activity based working

Working alongside your colleagues in the open plan office or in total silence, video calls, brief stand-up meetings, presenting to a larger audience … At MELT there is a designated space for every activity, supporting all relevant tasks. This is known as activity based working which enables you to be more productive.

In addition to a wide variety of working and meeting facilities, MELT also offers room for inspiration, team building and relaxation. On the same floor there is a large kitchen that enables people to cook and have lunch together, there is a games room and a roof garden. In the building there is a gym, a coffee place and a lunchroom, dressing rooms with showers and several inspiring meeting rooms.

In most offices 80% of the space covers work space and the remaining 20% is made up of meeting, lunch and other shared facilities. At MELT, the division is about fifty-fifty, because we make smarter use of the space together.

Optimising office space to its fullest

Imagine a company with 10 employees, who work 38 hours per week on average and are in the office 60% of the time. You will need 228 hours of desk space per week. If you were to rent a unit for 10 people, your work spaces would end up empty half of the week. A unit for 6 people would enable everyone to work in that unit most of the time.

At MELT a unit for 4 people would be enough. This is because there are about 40 hot desks on the same floor, which always guarantees space for everyone, even if you are all there at once. All areas, including the flexible workstations, are only accessible for unit tenants, to facilitate your growth.

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